TE-CD-TSP 61 Operations Manual
The CALIBRATE menu allow the user to calibrate the sensors used by the unit. The CALIBRATE
menu (shown below) list the sensors in the system, the associated raw sensor values and the values using
the current calibration. Pressing the ENT key will begin the calibration process for the selected sensor.
The LOAD FACTORY CAL and LOAD DEFAULT CAL menu items will load the calibration values
set at the factory or the default values from the firmware. These can be useful when tracking down
calibration problems. The factory calibration values are preferred because they compensate for the
normal manufacturing variations which the default firmware calibration values do not.
Qstd:( 0) 0.0
Tamb:(39000) 21.2
Tcjc:(21789) 26.9
Pamb:( 3713) 759
Pdif:( 552) -0.0
Pcal:( 332) 0.01
Important Notes on Calibration
Sensors may be calibrated using from 1 to 5 calibration points. There are two exceptions to this.
The first is the Tcjc (cold junction compensation temperature). It requires only a single point
calibration. The second is the Qsys (system flow rate) which requires 5 points per EPA
Single point calibrations while possible, are not recommended (except for Tcjc). Single point
calibrations only adjust the offset (A0) of the sensor and do not compensate for any changes in
the gain (A1). If single point calibrations are used, the user should verify the gain by checking
additional points against a reference.
The ambient temperature (Tamb) is dependent on the cold junction compensation temperature
(Tcjc). The cold junction compensation temperature is used to correct the voltage error
introduced at the “cold junction” of the thermocouple circuit. This sensor does not normally
require calibration once it leaves the factory, but if you wish to calibrate the Tcjc sensor you
must locate the reference temperature probe near the thermocouple connection on the electronics.
Flow calibration (Qsys) is dependent on other sensors in the system. It is therefore critical that
they be properly calibrated or verified before calibrating the flow.
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