TE-CD-TSP 62 Operations Manual
If the unit has been powered off longer than 15 minutes, please allow 30 to 60 minutes for the
electronics to warm up prior to calibrating any sensor. This is to minimize errors that can occur
while the electronics are warming up. The error is typically small, but doing this will provide
optimal calibration results.
It is very important to understand the calibration process and how it affects the operation of the
unit. Improperly calibrating a unit can make the unit think it is working fine while in reality it is
not. For example, if the ambient temperature was incorrectly calibrated during a flow
calibration, then the flow calibration will have an error in it, even after the ambient temperature
calibration is correct. This may mean that the system is controlling the flow at a value of say 40
CFM, but when measured by an independent reference is only running at 36 CFM. This does not
mean the unit is broken, only that the calibration is incorrect. To resolve this situation, properly
calibrate the unit.
Calibrating a Sensor
The procedure for calibrating a sensor is similar regardless of what sensor is being used. The exception
to this is the flow calibration which is described in detail in the Flow Calibration section.
POINTS: 0 R:0.0000
ADC: 0
A1: 32.1179
A0: -1.2976
The main calibration display is shown above and is common to all sensors. The SENSOR line shows
the name of the sensor being calibrated. The POINTS field shows the current number of calibration
point being used to determine the A1 and A0 values. The R field is an indication of how closely the
calculated calibration curve matches the raw data. The R field is only valid with 3 or more data points.
The closer the R value is to 1, the better the agreement between the calculated and raw data. The
CURRENT and ADC values show the calibration value using the current calibration values and the raw
analog to digital converter values. The A1 and A0 fields show the current gain and offset values for the
Similar to the Main Status Display, the calibration display uses the soft-menu function keys F1, F2, F3,
and F4 to navigate the calibration process. Each of the soft-menu function key is described below.
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