TE-CD-TSP 63 Operations Manual
Adding a Calibration Point (F1)
Pressing the F1 key (ADD) will begin the process of adding a calibration point to the data used to
calibrate the sensor. Adding a calibration point involves providing the unit with a reference signal on
the sensor being calibrated and then telling the unit what the value of that signal is using a reference
device. The following are screen shots from a adding a calibration point to the Tamb (ambient
temperature) sensor.
After pressing the F1 key, the screen below is displayed. A default reference value is automatically
selected. These are provided as guidelines so that the entire calibration range of the sensors is used for
the calibration. If a different value is being applied to the sensor, simply enter the correct reference
value. While maintaining a constant reference value to the sensor, press the ENT key to begin data
Once the ENT key is pressed, the screen below will be displayed. This screen will automatically exit
and return to the main calibration screen once the system has collected a stable reading from the applied
signal. If the reference signal is not sufficiently stable, this screen may be displayed for a long period of
time. In these situations, the user may press the “F1” key to force the unit to collect data even if it is not
being detected as stable. This may not result in an optimal calibration, but may be required in cases
where the reference in not stable.
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