TE-CD-TSP 64 Operations Manual
TARGET: 21.5
Tamb: 21.6
ADC: 39301
Once back at the main calibration screen, the reference value should now match the calibrated sensor
value more closely. This process can be repeated to add different calibration points across the range of
operation of the sensor.
Redo a Calibration Point (F2)
Pressing the F2 key (REDO) will list the current calibration points used to calibrate the sensor.
Selecting one of these points allows the calibration point to be performed again. This allows the user to
recover to a bad calibration point without having to redo all of the calibration points. The procedure for
redoing a calibration point is identical to adding a calibration point, once the desired calibration value is
Edit Calibration Constants (F3)
Pressing the F3 key (EDIT) allows the A1 (gain) and A0 (offset) calibration constants for the sensor to
be manually entered. This feature is useful in trouble shooting the unit or recovering from the incorrect
calibrations. Past values for A1 and A0 for each sensor can be found in the calibration log.
Exit Calibration (F4)
Pressing the F4 key (EXIT) will exit the calibration process and prompt the user save the data the sensor
was calibrated. If the user chooses not to save the calibration values, the original calibration values will
be restored.
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