TE-CD-TSP 74 Operations Manual
DATA.CSV: Interval Log Example
The Interval Log contains the period averages of the sensors as defined by the LOG INTERVAL
parameter in the CONFIGURE menu. The interval log records data constantly (whether the timer is
executing or not) and therefore serves as a type of site log for ambient temperature and pressure. They
interval log maintains the last 4,608 entries. This equates to 16 days of data with the default 5 minute
log interval.
!,2,1,"Begin","Interval Log",04-20-07 12:34:44,"HIVOL+","100-0004"
!,2,3,04-20-07 10:27:00,21.6,26.5,759,-0.0,-0.01, 0, 0,0
!,2,3,04-20-07 10:28:00,21.5,26.5,759,-0.0,-0.01, 0, 0,0
!,2,3,04-20-07 10:29:00,21.4,26.6,760,-0.0,-0.01, 0, 0,0
!,2,3,04-20-07 10:30:00,21.4,26.6,760,-0.0,-0.01, 0, 0,0
!,2,3,04-20-07 10:31:00,21.5,26.6,760,48.8,5.87,245,244,0
!,2,3,04-20-07 10:32:00,21.6,26.6,760,51.8,6.22,260,259,0
!,2,3,04-20-07 10:33:00,21.6,26.6,760,51.8,6.24,260,259,0
!,2,3,04-20-07 10:34:00,21.7,26.6,760,51.8,6.22,260,259,0
!,2,3,04-20-07 10:35:00,21.7,26.6,760,51.8,6.23,260,259,0
!,2,4,"End","Interval Log",04-20-07 12:34:47,"HIVOL+","100-0004"
DATA.CSV: Power Log Example
The Power Log contains information on when the unit started and stopped. This is useful in identifying
when power failures occurred and how long they lasted. The last 64 power failures are recorded. This
can be important in determining whether a sample can be considered valid if a power failure occurred
during the sampling period. The “Source” field is intended to help technical support track down any
power related problems with the unit and does not contain any data relating to the actual sampling taken
!,3,1,"Begin","Power Log",04-20-07 12:34:47,"HIVOL+","100-0004"
!,3,3,04-20-07 10:19:35,04-20-07 10:19:38,130
!,3,3,04-20-07 11:48:50,04-20-07 12:02:50,16
!,3,4,"End","Power Log",04-20-07 12:34:47,"HIVOL+","100-0004"
DATA.CSV: Calibration Log Example
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