TE-CD-TSP 75 Operations Manual
The “Calibration Log contains a list of the times, sensors, number of calibration points used in the
calibration, the calibration gain (A1) and the calibration offset (A0) of each sensor. The last 64
calibrations are recorded. This information can be used to track how the calibration of the unit changes
over time, help identify potential problem before they occur, and identify which users may need
additional training in calibration a particular sensor.
!,4,1,"Begin","Calibration Log",04-20-07 12:34:47,"HIVOL+","100-0004"
!,4,3,03-02-07 20:39:29,"Tcjc",1,13.771930,0.000000
!,4,3,03-02-07 20:41:47,"Tamb",2,0.299843,-11935.423828
!,4,3,03-02-07 20:46:11,"Pamb",4,30.914890,-13626.343750
!,4,3,03-02-07 20:48:59,"Pdif",4,3.201837,-1770.477539
!,4,3,03-02-07 20:52:18,"Pcal",4,0.854666,-284.707397
!,4,3,03-02-07 20:55:23,"Pcal",5,0.857291,-287.563842
!,4,3,04-20-07 09:19:46,"Pcal",1,0.857291,-281.191467
!,4,3,04-20-07 11:48:15,"Qstd",5,32.117942,-1.297638
!,4,4,"End","Calibration Log",04-20-07 12:34:48,"HIVOL+","100-0004"
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