TE-PNY1123 22 Operations Manual
The equation for the coefficient of correlation (r) is as follows:
r =
   
( x)( y)
xy - n
n y-
 
2 2
n = number of observations
= sum of
The acceptable operating flow range of a PNY sampler is .71 to .84 m3/min
(25 to 30 CFM). Looking at the worksheet column Qstd, the flow rates that
are within this range can be identified along with the manometer reading
(Flow (mano)) that represents them. For instance if you wanted to set this
sampler at .07362 m3/min 26 CFM) (Make sure the mass flow controller is
plugged in and a filter is in place and your 6" Spool Piece is prepared) you
would turn the Flow Adjustment screw until the manometer read 3.7 inches
of H2O. By making sure that the sampler is operating at a manometer reading
that is within the acceptable range, it can be assumed that valid TSP data is
being collected.
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