TE-PNY1123 36 Operations Manual
**IMPORTANT** To enhance motor life:
Change brushes before brush shunt touches armature.
Seat new brushes by applying 50% voltage for 10 to 15 minutes, the
TE-5075 brush break in device allows for the 50% voltage.
Motor Brush Seating Procedure
CAUTION: Direct application of full voltage after changing brushes will cause
arcing, commutator pitting, and reduce overall life.
To achieve best performance from new TE-33384 brushes they must be
seated on the commutator before full voltage is applied. After brush change
apply 50% voltage for fifteen to twenty minutes to accomplish this seating.
Use of TE-300-310 Mass Flow Controller on system provides the reduced
voltage for brush seating.
110v PUF Motor
110v Motor Brush
220v PUF Motor
220v Motor Brush
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