TE-PNY1123 9
Product Description
The TE-PNY1123 High Volume PUF Air Sampler is the recommended
instrument for sampling large volumes of air for the collection of TSP (Total
Suspended Particulate) and PUF. The physical design of the sampler is based
on aerodynamic principles which result in the collection of particles of 100
microns (Stokes Equivalent Diameter) and less. The TE-PNY1123 MFC PUF
sampler consists of a TE-5001 Anodized Aluminum Shelter, TE-1004 PUF
Aluminum Blower Motor Assembly, TE- x Stainless Steel Filter
Holder with probe hole, TE-3000 Cartridge,TE-5007 7-Day Mechanical
Timer, TE-300-310 Mass Flow Controller, TE-5012 Elapsed Time Indicator,
short extension cord, and 6" long PUF spool piece with endcaps to hold foam
Ambient air monitoring to determine suspended particulate levels
relative to air quality standards.
Toxic Organics
Impact of a specific source on ambient levels of suspended particulates by
incorporating a "wind-direction-activation" modification which permits
the sampler to operate only when conditions are such that a source-
receptor relationship exists.
Monitoring of enclosed environments for relatively high levels of
particulate matter, particularly toxic materials.
Monitoring of emissions from large diameter vents where physical
conditions preclude the use of conventional stack-testing equipment.
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