TE-5170DV TSP VFC 15 Operations Manual
Step 4
Remove (4) #10-24 x ½” pan head screws from the rear of
the shelter, attach the lid to the shelter by placing the lid
hinge plates on the “OUTSIDE” of the shelter, line the
hinges up with the (4) threaded holes in the back of the
shelter. Use the (4) #10-24X ½” pan head screws that were
removed preciously to attach the lid hinges to the shelter.
*Tighten completely*
Step 5
Adjust the front and rears catch to be sure that the lid slots
lowers over it when closing. Tighten the roof back hasp
and front catch completely.
Step 6
Attach the chain and “S” hook assembly to the side of the
shelter with a #6-32 x 3/8” pan head screw.
Step 7
The Lid can now be secured in an open or closed position
with the “S” hook.
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