TE-5170DV TSP VFC 21 Operations Manual
If you do not have a G Factor, go to TE-5170V High Vol. TSP on www.tisch-env.com.
An example of a Volumetric Flow Controlled Sampler Calibration Data Sheet has been attached with
data filled in from a typical calibration. This includes the transfer standard orifice calibration
relationship which was taken from the Orifice Calibration Worksheet that accompanies the calibrator
orifice. The slope and intercept are taken from the Qactual section of the Orifice Calibration Worksheet.
The first step is to convert the orifice readings to the amount of actual air flow they represent using the
following equation:
Qa = 1/m[Sqrt((H2O)(Ta/Pa))-b]
Qa = actual flow rate as indicated by the calibrator orifice, m3/min
H2O = orifice manometer reading during calibration, in. H2O
Ta = ambient temperature during calibration, K ( K = 273 + °C)
Pa = ambient barometric pressure during calibration, mm Hg
m = slope of Q actual orifice calibration relationship
b = intercept of Q actual orifice calibration relationship.
Once these actual flow rates have been determined for each of the five run points, they are recorded in
the column titled Qa, and are represented in cubic meters per minute. EPA guidelines state that at least
three of these calibrator flow rates should be between 1.1 to 1.7 m3/min (39 to 60 CFM). This is the
acceptable operating flow rate range of the sampler. If this condition is not met, the sampler should be
recalibrated. An air leak in the calibration system may be the source of this problem. In some cases, a
filter may have to be in place during the calibration to meet this condition.
The sampler H2O readings need to be converted to mm Hg and recorded in the column titled Pf. This is
done using the following equation:
Pf = 25.4 (in. H2O/13.6)
where: Pf is recorded in mm Hg
in. H2O = sampler side pressure reading during calibration.
Po/Pa is calculated next. This is used to locate the sampler calibration air flows found in the Look Up
Table. This is done using the following equation:
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