TE-5170DV-BLX & TE-5170BLXZ 32 Operations Manual
The TE-303 digital timer has an internal battery backup so in case of a power
failure the timer will remain set and will continue when power is reapplied.
During a power failure the timer will continue to run and will stop and start exactly
as it is programmed (for example, if the timer is scheduled to start at
9:00 and run for 24 hours, it will stop exactly 24 hours from the start-time
regardless of a power failure).
Checking/Resetting the Elapsed Time Indicators (ETI):
The TE-33 has 3 built in ET)’s; one ET) is to track motor life, one for calibration
frequency, and one for user based events. The ET)’s can be reset at any time and also
have a feature that allows the user set alert reminders for tracking motor life,
calibration frequency or user based event.
1. Press F3 for set-up
2. Select ET) and press ENT
3. To reset ET)’s, select desired ET), press ENT, confirm YES or NO, and
press ENT
4. To Set ALERT, select desired ET) ALERT, press ENT, enter alert, set point,
press ENT
5. Press ESC to return to the main status screen
Manual Motor Control:
The TE-303 digital timer is equipped with a manual motor control feature.
This feature allows the user to turn the motor (or whatever is plugged into the AC
out timed cord) to be turned on/off without using the timer.
1. Press F3 for SETUP
2. Select D)AGNOST)CS, press ENT
3. Select MOTOR, press ENT to toggle the motor on/off
4. Be sure that the MOTOR is in the OFF position before exiting this menu
5. Press ESC to return to the main status screen
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