TE-5000-BL TSP 3 Operations Manual
We are the experts in high volume air sampling, lead sampling, lead samplers,
particulate monitoring, particulate emissions, pesticide monitoring, pesticide
sampling, total suspended particles, particulate sampler, Federal Reference Method
PM-10, Federal Reference Method PM2.5, EPA Method TO-4A, EPA Method TO-9A,
EPA Method TO-13A. TEI is a family business located in the Village of Cleves, Ohio.
TEI employs skilled personnel who average over 20 years of experience each in the
design, manufacture, and support of air pollution monitoring equipment. Our
modern well-equipped factory, quality philosophy and experience have made TEI
the supplier of choice for air pollution monitoring equipment. Now working on the
fourth generation, TEI has state-of-the-art manufacturing capability and is looking
into the future needs of today's environmental professionals.
If you encounter problems or require detailed explanations, do not hesitate to
contact Tisch Environmental offices by e-mail or phone.
Toll Free: (877) 263 -7610 (TSP AND-PM10)
Direct: (513) 467-9000
FAX: (513) 467-9009
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