TE-5000-BL TSP 30 Operations Manual
Maintenance and Care
A regular maintenance schedule will allow a monitoring network to operate for
longer periods of time without system failure. Our customers may find that the
adjustments in routine maintenance frequencies are necessary due to the
operational demands on their sampler(s). We recommend that the following
cleaning and maintenance activities be observed until a stable operating history of
the sampler has been established.
1. Make sure all gaskets (including motor cushion) are in good shape and that they
seal properly.
2. The power cords should be checked for good connections and for cracks (replace
if necessary).
CAUTION: DO NOT allow power cord or outlets to be immersed in water!
3. Inspect the filter screen and remove any foreign deposits.
4. Inspect the filter holder frame gasket each sample period and make sure of an
airtight seal.
5. Make sure elapsed time indicator is working properly.
6. Make sure continuous flow recorder pen is still inking each time, tubing has no
crimps or cracks, and that the door is sealed completely.
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