TE-5000-BL TSP 31 Operations Manual
Instruments manufactured by Tisch Environmental, Inc. are guaranteed by
warranty to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year after
shipment from Tisch Environmental factories. The liability of Tisch Environmental,
Inc. is limited to servicing or replacing any defective part of any instrument
returned to the factory by the original purchaser. All service traceable to defects in
original material or workmanship is considered warranty service and is performed
free of charge. The expense of warranty shipping charges to and from our factory
will be borne by Tisch Environmental. Service performed to rectify an instrument
malfunction caused by abuse, acts of god or neglect, and service performed after the
one-year warranty period will be charged to the customer at the current prices for
labor, parts, and transportation. Brush-type and brushless motors will carry a
warranty as far as the original manufacture will pass through its warranty to Tisch
Environmental, Inc. The right is reserved to make changes in construction, design
specifications, and prices without prior notice.
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