12 TRACKER 5100/5100i/5500/5500i Installation and Operation Manual
3 Chart
3-1-1 Chart modes
The Chart has two modes, centre on boat mode and
cursor mode. These are explained below.
Centre on boat mode
To switch to centre on boat mode in the chart display,
press ESC. The boat is at the centre of the chart.
As the boat moves through the water, the chart
automatically scrolls to keep the boat in the centre
of the chart. The cursor (see below) is turned off.
Cursor mode
The keys , , and are called cursor keys.
To switch to cursor mode in the chart display, hold
down a cursor key. The cursor appears and moves
away from the boat:
Press the key which points in the direction that
the cursor will move, for example press to
move the cursor down.
Press midway between two of the cursor keys
to make the cursor move diagonally.
Hold a cursor key down to make the cursor
move continuously across the display.
In Cursor mode:
The distance (+RNG) and bearing (+BRG) of
the cursor from the boat are displayed at the
bottom, left corner of the display.
The chart does not scroll as the boat moves.
If the cursor reaches the edge of the display,
the chart will scroll.
For example, hold down to move the cursor
to the right side of the display and the chart will
scroll to the left.
The chart. To change the
types of information
displayed, (see section
Compass display
(see section 3-1-4).
To turn the compass off
or on, see section 3-1-8.
Boat course and CDI lines
(see appendix C, CDI)
Boat is going to the
waypoint called FISH06.
Data display. To turn the
data off or on or to change
what data is displayed, see
section 3-1-8.
Boat position
(see section 3-1-1)
Boat track
(see section 3-5)
Typical waypoint
(see section 9).
A typical chart display shows:
Distance and bearing of
cursor from boat.
The cursor
(see section 3-1-1).
3-1 Chart display
The chart display is the most important of the TRACKER’s displays, showing the chart, the boat’s position
and course, and navigation data.
Chart is in cursor mode, press ESC to return to
centre on boat mode (see section 3-1-1)
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