26 TRACKER 5100/5100i/5500/5500i Installation and Operation Manual
System Language (English)
Rotation (North up) Colours (Normal)
Projected course (Off) Keybeep (On)
CDI scale (0.1 nm) Factory reset
Chart Plotter mode (Off)
Map datum (WGS84)
Map shift (None)
Waypoints (Selected)
Lat.Lon Grid (Off)
Boundaries (On) Bathymetric Lines (On)
Names (On) Spot soundings (On)
Attention Areas (On) Depth Area Limit 1: (6 m)
Water Features (On) Depth Area Limit 2: (51 m)
Water depth Bath & Sndgs Min: (0 m)
Lights (On) Bath & Sndgs Max: (15 m)
Nav-Aids (Int)
Land Features (On)
GPS Internal GPS (On)
Tank full DGPS Source (None)
Set remaining Restart GPS
Clear Used Static Navigation (Off)
Fuel Tank size (0) Position Filter (Off)
Num Engines (0) Speed Filter: (5)
Fuel cal Course Filter: (4)
Flow filter (5 seconds)
Track Record (1)
Arrival radius (Off) Display (1)
Anchor alarm (Off) Plotting Interval (Distance)
Alarms XTE alarm (Off) Distance (0.1 nm)
Danger alarm (Off) Time (10 seconds)
Low fuel (Off) Memory used
Delete track
Units Distance (nm)
Autopilot out (Off) Speed (kn)
Comms Autopilot data Depth (m)
NavBus (On) Fuel (litres)
NavBus group (0) Compass (°M)
Temperature (°C)
Wind (true)
Time Simulate (Off) Local offset (0)
Mode (Normal) Time format (24 hour)
Speed (1 kn) Date format (dd/MMM/yy)
Simulate Heading
Setup menu map, with factory default settings in brackets
Setup menu
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