TRACKER 5100/5100i/5500/5500i Installation and Operation Manual
Simulate mode is a way of becoming familiar with
the TRACKER (see section 2-6).
Warning: Never have simulate mode on when
the TRACKER is navigating on the water.
Turn simulate mode Off or On.
Press MENU and select simulate.
Select On or Off.
There are two choices for Mode:
Simulates the boat moving from the selected
start point (see step 1 above) at the given
speed and heading. The options are:
Speed: The simulated boat speed to use.
Heading: The simulated bearing for the
boat to follow.
Tip: To calculate a heading, use the cursor
(see section 3-1-1).
Tip: As the boat moves, vary Heading to
simulate the boat moving off course.
13-10 Simulate setup
Simulates the boat moving along a route at a
given speed. When it reaches one end it
retraces the route in the other direction. Before
setting this mode enter at least one route (see
section 10-2-1). The options are:
Speed: The simulated boat speed to use.
Route: The route to follow.
To turn simulate mode on from this menu:
1 If turning Normal mode on, go to the chart
display. To start the simulation from the boat
position, press ESC to switch to centre on boat
mode. To start the simulation from a different
point, move the cursor to that point on the
2 In the Simulate setup menu, select Simulate
and turn it on.
3 Select Mode and set it to Normal or Demo.
4 Select and enter the other data required for
Normal requires Speed and Heading.
Demo requires Speed and Route.
14 Systems of several instruments
Several NAVMAN instruments can be connected
together to share data. There are two ways of
connecting instruments together, NavBus or NMEA.
NavBus is a NAVMAN proprietary system that allows
systems of multiple instruments to be built using a
single set of transducers. When instruments are
connected by NavBus:
If the units, alarms or calibration are changed
in one instrument, then the values will
automatically change in all other instruments
of the same type.
Each instrument can be assigned to a group of
instruments (see section 13-8). If the backlight
is changed in an instrument in group 1, 2, 3 or
4 then the backlight will automatically change
in the other instruments in the same group.
If the backlight is changed in an instrument in
group 0 then no other instruments are affected.
If an alarm sounds, mute it by clearing the
alarm on any instrument which can display that
NavBus and the TRACKER
The TRACKER can display depth data if it is
connected to a depth instrument.
NMEA is an industry standard, but is not as flexible
as NavBus as it requires dedicated connections
between instruments. The TRACKER can:
Receive and display depth data.
Receive data from a GPS antenna.
Send GPS position and other navigation data
to an autopilot or other instrument.
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