TRACKER 5100/5100i/5500/5500i Installation and Operation Manual
c Tank Full or Set Remaining has not been set
every refuelling.
d When refuelling, air pockets may have
prevented the tank filling completely.
e Fuel transducers wear out over time and
should be replaced every 5000 litres
(1316 US gallons) of fuel as a guide.
14 No or low fuel flow reading:
a Check the fuel cable connectors are securely
plugged in and the locking ring is locked in
b Clogged fuel transducer. To clean a
transducer, remove it from the line and gently
blow through it in the opposite direction to the
fuel flow. Fit a fuel filter before the transducer.
c Inspect the fuel cable(s) for damage.
d Dirty fuel filter.
e Fuel transducer has been exposed to
excessive heat or vibration.
Appendix C - Glossary and navigation data
Attention Area - An important area on a chart, such
as a restricted anchorage or a shallow area (see
section 13-2).
Bathymetric line - A depth contour line on the chart.
Chart card - A plug-in card that stores chart data for
a region (see section 1-2).
C-MAP chart card - See Chart card.
C-MAP user card - See User card.
Cursor - A symbol on the display (see section 3-1-1).
DGPS - Differential Global Positioning System. A
navigation tool based on GPS with some errors
corrected (see section 7).
Goto - A simple way of navigating straight to a
waypoint or to the cursor position (see section 3-3).
GPS - Global Positioning System. A satellite-based
navigation tool (see section 7).
Leg - The straight segments of a route between
waypoints. A route with four waypoints has three legs.
MOB - Man overboard.
MOB function - Starts navigating back to the place
where someone fell overboard (see section 2-4).
NavBus - A way of connecting NAVMAN instruments
together to share data (see section 14).
NMEA - National Marine Electronics Association.
NMEA 0183 - A standard for interfacing marine
electronic devices (see section 14).
Route: Two or more waypoints linked in sequence
to form a course for the boat (see section 10).
User card - A plug-in card that stores waypoints,
routes and tracks (see section 1-2).
UTC - Universal Time Coordinated or Coordinated
Universal Time, which is a standard world time,
formerly called Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
Waypoint - A user-definable chart position (see
section 9).
15 Only one flow rate value shown for a twin
engine installation:
Set Num Engines to 2 (see section 13-4).
16 Erratic fuel flow readings:
a The fuel transducer must not be mounted too
close to the fuel pump(s) and not subject to
excess vibration.
b Check for air leaks in the fuel hose(s) or fuel
pick-up(s) in the tank(s).
c The Flow Filter has not been set to suit the
engine(s) (see section 13-4). Increase the
Flow Filter value until a steady flow rate is
17 TRACKER operates erratically or
Setup data incorrect. Reset to factory defaults
(see section 13-1).
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