6TRACKER 5100/5100i/5500/5500i Installation and Operation Manual
1-2 Plug-in cards
1 Introduction
TRACKER chartplotters
NAVMAN’s TRACKER chartplotters are compact,
ruggedly built, highly integrated navigation instruments.
They have been designed to be easy to use. Complex
navigation functions can be performed with a few key
presses, taking the hard work out of navigation.
This manual covers these NAVMAN chartplotters:
Colour display, external GPS antenna.
Colour display, internal GPS antenna.
Greyscale display, external GPS antenna.
Greyscale display, internal GPS antenna.
The TRACKER has a built-in chart of the world,
suitable for route planning and general interest. To
see chart details for a region, plug in a C-MAP™ chart
card (an electronic chart).
The TRACKER receives information from the GPS
system and displays the boat’s position and speed.
The TRACKER can navigate to a point or can navigate
along a route. When the boat is navigating to one of
these points, the TRACKER displays course
information for the helmsman to follow.
The TRACKER can control an autopilot and can
display depth information from a depth sounder. With
an optional fuel kit, the TRACKER becomes a
sophisticated yet easy to use fuel computer. Navigation
data can be saved to a plug-in user card so that it can
be easily transferred to another NAVMAN chartplotter.
The TRACKER is part of the NAVMAN family of
instruments, which includes instruments for speed,
depth, wind and repeaters. These instruments can be
connected together to form an integrated data system
(see section 14).
For maximum benefit, please read this manual
carefully before installing and using the unit. Special
terms are explained in appendix C.
Cleaning and maintenance
Caution should be used when cleaning the TRACKER,
and especially the screen of the TRACKER. Only use
a clean sponge or chamois soaked in fresh water and
mild detergent. Never use a dry cloth as this may drag
dried salt crystals across the screen resulting in
scratching. Do not use any form of abrasive cleaner,
solvent, petrol or other chemical cleaner.
Push the dust cover over the display when the
TRACKER is turned off.
1-1 Care
Plug-in cards
Handle plug-in cards carefully. Keep them in their
protective cases when not plugged into the TRACKER.
If a card gets dirty or wet, clean it with a damp cloth
or mild detergent.
Keep the card holder in place in the display unit at all
times to prevent moisture from entering the card
The TRACKER can use two kinds of plug-in cards:
C-MAP™ chart card have chart details required
for navigating in a particular region. When a chart
card is plugged in, the extra details automatically
appear on the TRACKER’s chart display.
C-MAP™ user cards are used to store navigation
data. Each user card expands the TRACKER’s
memory and allows the data to be transferred to
another TRACKER easily (see section 11).
When a card is inserted or removed it does not matter
if the TRACKER is turned on or off.
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