Table 1. LED descriptions (Continued)
The LED color indicates the speed: white for Gigabit Ethernet connections and amber for 100
Mbps or 10 Mbps Ethernet connections.
Solid. A powered-on device is connected to the Ethernet port.
Blinking. The port is sending or receiving traffic.
Off. No device is connected to this Ethernet port.
Ethernet ports 1–4
Pressing this button for two seconds turns the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz 1, and 5 GHz 2 WiFi radios on
and off.
If this LED is lit, the WiFi radios are on. If this LED is off, the WiFi radios are turned off and you
cannot use WiFi to connect to the router.
WiFi On/Off button with LED
This button lets you use WPS to join the WiFi network without typing the WiFi password. The
WPS LED blinks white during this process and then lights solid white.
WPS button with LED
If the LED On/Off switch is moved to the Off position, all the LEDs except the Power
LED are turned off.
Rear Panel
The rear panel connections and buttons are shown in the following figure.
Figure 3. Rear panel
Viewed from left to right, the back panel contains the following components:
USB 2.0 port. One USB 2.0 port to connect USB storage devices.
LED On/Off switch. If this switch is in the Off position, all the router’s LEDs, including the LEDs on the
four active antennas, but not the Power LED, are turned off.
Ethernet ports. Four Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 LAN ports to connect the router to LAN devices. Ethernet
port aggregation is enabled by default. Use Ethernet aggregate ports 1 and 2 to cable a device that
supports Ethernet port aggregation to the router. Ethernet ports 3 and 4 are nonaggregate Ethernet
USB 3.0 port. One USB 3.0 port to connect USB storage devices.
Hardware Setup
Nighthawk X6S AC4000 Tri-Band WiFi Router
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