Network Settings
The router comes ready for WiFi, Ethernet, and USB connections.You can customize the router’s network
settings. We recommend that you install the router and connect it to the Internet before you change its network
This chapter includes the following sections:
View or Change WAN Settings on page 48
Set Up a Default DMZ Server on page 49
Change the Router’s Device Name on page 49
Change the LAN TCP/IP Settings on page 50
Specify the IP Addresses That the Router Assigns on page 51
Disable the DHCP Server Feature in the Router on page 52
Manage Reserved LAN IP Addresses on page 53
Use the WPS Wizard for WiFi Connections on page 55
Specify Basic WiFi Settings on page 55
Change the WiFi Mbps Settings on page 57
Change the WiFi Password or Security Level on page 57
Set Up a Guest WiFi Network on page 58
Control the WiFi Radios on page 59
Set Up a WiFi Schedule on page 60
Specify WPS Settings on page 60
Use the Router as a WiFi Access Point on page 61
Custom Static Routes on page 65
Ethernet Port Aggregation on page 68
Improve Network Connections With Universal Plug and Play on page 70
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