Assigning the send/receive connection
Instead of a fixed connection, you can also select Sel. at each call. Each time you make a call, you
can then select the connection you wish to use.
You can go on to start the connection assistant for each additional handset registered to the base.
The following is displayed in sequence for each handset:
Assign connections to handset xxx?
>Carry out steps a. to f. (see above) for each registered handset.
The send connection currently set for the handset
is displayed: Fixed Line.
>Press the display key §OK§ if you do not wish to
change the setting. Skip the following step.
>To change the setting, press the display key
f. Which connection/phone number should the
handset use to make a call:
>Press right on the control key v repeatedly,
until the required connection is displayed (in
the example, IP 1).
>Press the display key §Save§ to save the settings.
Send Connections
sends calls with
Fixed Line:
Change OK
Connection for
outgoing calls:
< IP 1 >
Back Save
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