Wireless Network (2.4GHz b/g/n)
By default, the modem router broadcasts its SSID so that WiFi stations can detect the WiFi
name (SSID) in their scanned network lists.To turn off the SSID broadcast, clear the Enable
SSID Broadcast check box. Turning off the SSID broadcast provides additional WiFi
security, but users must know the SSID to be able to join the WiFi network of the modem
Enable SSID
The SSID is the WiFi network name. If you did not change the SSID, the default SSID
displays. The default SSID is also printed on the product label (see Label on page 16).
We recommend that you do not change the default SSID. If you must
change the SSID, enter a 32-character (maximum), case-sensitive name
in this field.
Name (SSID)
From the Channel menu, select Auto for automatic channel selection or select an individual
channel. The default selection is Auto.
In some regions, not all channels are available. Do not change the channel
unless you experience interference (shown by lost connections or slow
data transfers). If this situation occurs, experiment with different channels
to see which is the best.
If you use multiple WiFi access points (APs), reduce interference by
selecting different channels for adjacent APs. We recommend a channel
spacing of four channels between adjacent APs (for example, use
Channels 1 and 5, or 6 and 10).
Manage the WiFi Network Settings
Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router Model D7000v2
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