13Saving VoIP access data
Completing and testing VoIP settings
The handset switches to idle status. The idle display status is displayed.
If all the settings are correct and if the phone can establish a connection to the VoIP server, the
internal name of the handset will be displayed: (example)
Testing your VoIP connection
If a message is displayed when you are trying to make a call via VoIP, you can check the base sta-
tion's connection to the Internet by e.g. calling the Gigaset.net echo service:
>Enter one of the following phone numbers:
>Press the talk key c.
>When prompted, speak into the microphone on the handset.
If you hear your own voice, your base station is connected to the Internet.
If you do not hear your voice, check your phone and router settings.
You can now use your phone to make calls via the fixed
line network and the Internet! Callers can contact you
on your fixed line network number, your Gigaset.net
number or your VoIP number!
To ensure that you can always be reached via the Internet, the router must be permanently con-
nected to the Internet.
12341#9 (English)
12344#9 (French)
12342#9 (Dutch)
12345#9 (German)
12343#9 (Italian)
12346#9 (Spanish)
In the user guide on the enclosed CD, you will find detailed information about
setting up and operating your phone, as well as possible solutions to fre-
quently asked questions and common problems.
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