14 Gigaset.net directory entry
Entering your name in the Gigaset.net directory
Gigaset.net* is a VoIP service provided by Gigaset Communications GmbH, which you can use to
make free calls to other Gigaset VoIP users.
The first time you open the Gigaset.net directory, complete the following steps and an entry will
be created in the Gigaset.net directory for you.
>Press down on the control key p to open the handset directory.
>Press down on the control key p repeatedly until Gigaset.net is selected.
>Press the green talk key c.
A connection to the Gigaset.net online directory is established. You will see the following display:
If an entry already exists with this name, the message "Please choose another name." will appear.
You will be prompted to enter a name again.
If an entry in the Gigaset.net directory is successful, the message "Name added to Gigaset.net" will
be shown.
*. Exclusion of liability
Gigaset.net is a voluntary service provided by Gigaset Communications GmbH with no liability or guarantee for
the availability of the network. This service can be terminated at any time with a notice period of three months.
>Press the right-hand display key §Yes§. >Using the number keys, enter the name
that you would like to be listed under in
the Gigaset.net directory.
>Press the right-hand display key §OK§.
No Yes
Your nickname:
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