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Revision History
CommentsPublish DatePublication Part
Updated the operating frequency ranges for 5 GHz band in Table 3, WAC104 access
point specifications.
January 2018202-11698-04
The DHCP client of the WAC104 access point is now enabled by default.
The default WiFi security is now WPA and WPA2 mixed mode and the default WiFi
passphrase is on the access point label.
The access point now supports the www.aplogin.net URL for WiFi access during initial
To document this new behavior, we made changes to the following sections:
Access Point Label on page 8
Set Up and Connect the Access Point to Your Router or DHCP Server on page
Connect and Log In to the Access Point for Initial Configuration on page 12
Log In to the Access Point After Setup to View or Change Settings on page 14
Connect a Wired or WiFi Device to the Access Point’s Network After Installation
on page 18
View or Change the Basic WiFi Settings on page 21
Change the IP Address Settings of the Access Point on page 40
Very minor changes to multiple other sections.
July 2017202-11698-03
First publication.November 2016202-11698-02
802.11ac Wireless Access Point Model WAC104
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