4. Select Advanced Setup > Advanced Wireless Settings.
5. Enter the settings as described in the following table.
The descriptions in the table (not the settings onscreen) apply to both the Advanced Wireless Settings
(2.4GHz b/g/n) section and the Advanced Wireless Settings (5GHz 802.11a/n/ac) section.
The fragmentation length (the default is 2346), CTS/RTS threshold (the default is
2347), and the preamble mode (the default is Automatic) are reserved for WiFi testing
and advanced configuration only. Do not change these settings unless directed by
NETGEAR support or unless you are sure what the consequences are. Incorrect
settings might disable the WiFi function of the access point unexpectedly.
Fragmentation Length
CTS/RTS Threshold
Preamble Mode
6. Click the Apply button.
Your settings are saved.
Set Up a WiFi Distribution System
The access point can function as a WiFi base station or a WiFi repeater in a WiFi distribution system (WDS).
A WDS expands a WiFi network through multiple access points.The access point supports both point-to-point
and point-to-multipoint configurations.
A WiFi base station connects to the Internet, wired and WiFi clients can connect to the base station, and
the base station sends its WiFi signal to one or more access points that function as WiFi repeaters. Wired
and WiFi clients can also connect to a WiFi repeater, but the repeater connects to the Internet through the
WiFi base station. The following figure shows a WiFi repeating scenario with a WiFi base station on the left
side and a single WiFi repeater on the right side.
Manage the Advanced WiFi Features
802.11ac Wireless Access Point Model WAC104
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