Figure 6. WiFi repeating scenario with a point-to-point configuration
To use the WiFi repeating function, you cannot use the auto channel feature for the access point, the SSID
broadcast must be enabled, and you cannot use WPA and WPA2 enterprise security.
For WiFi repeating, you must set up a WiFi base station and a WiFi repeater:
WiFi base station. The access point functions as the parent access point that bridges traffic to and
from the child repeater access point. The base station also handles local WiFi and wired computers. To
configure this mode, you must know the MAC address of the child repeater access point. Often, the
MAC address is on the product label.
WiFi repeater. The access point sends all traffic from its local WiFi or wired computers to a remote
access point. To configure this mode, you must know the MAC address of the remote parent access
By default, the access point functions in dual-band concurrent mode. If you enable the WiFi repeater in
either radio band, the WiFi base station or WiFi repeater cannot be enabled in the other radio band. However,
if you enable the WiFi base station in either radio band and use the other radio band for either client access
or as a WiFi base station, dual-band concurrent mode is not affected.
Before you can set up a WiFi network with WDS, both access points must meet the following conditions:
Use the same WiFi channel and WiFi security settings.
Be on the same LAN IP subnet. That is, all of the access point LAN IP addresses are in the same
All LAN devices (wired and WiFi computers) are configured to operate in the same LAN network address
range as the access points.
Manage the Advanced WiFi Features
802.11ac Wireless Access Point Model WAC104
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