Unpack the Access Point
The package contains the access point, Ethernet cable, power adapter (localized to the country of sale),
and installation guide.
Figure 1. WAC104 package contents
Top Panel With LEDs
The status LEDs are located on the top panel of the access point.
Table 1. LED descriptions
Solid green. The access point is ready.
Solid green temporarily, blinking green temporarily, and finally solid green. The
access point is starting or was reset to factory default settings and is restarting. For more
information about resetting the access point to factory default settings, see Return the
Access Point to Its Factory Default Settings on page 38.
Blinking green. The access point is starting or upgrading firmware. If the Power LED is
blinking green at any other time, see Power LED Remains Blinking Green on page 64.
Off. Power is not supplied to the access point.
Solid green. (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is ready for use. By default, the WPS LED is off.
Blinking green for two minutes. Someone pressed the WPS button on the access point
to join the WiFi network. For more information, see Wi-Fi Protected Setup Method on page
Hardware Overview of the Access Point
802.11ac Wireless Access Point Model WAC104
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