This chapter provides information to help you diagnose and solve problems that you might experience with the
access point. If you do not find the solution here, check the NETGEAR support site at netgear.com/support for
product and contact information.
The chapter contains the following sections:
Quick Tips for Troubleshooting on page 63
Troubleshoot With the LEDs on page 64
Troubleshoot the WiFi Connectivity on page 65
Troubleshoot Internet Browsing on page 65
You Cannot Log In to the Access Point on page 66
Changes Are Not Saved on page 66
Troubleshoot Your Network Using the Ping Utility on page 67
The access point provides WiFi and LAN connectivity but is a bridge and not a
router. Therefore, do not connect the access point directly to your DSL or cable
modem.You must connect the access point to a router or, if your network includes
a DHCP server, to a switch or hub that is connected to the DHCP server. (For
more information, see Set Up and Connect the Access Point to Your Router or
DHCP Server on page 11.)
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