Alternatively, you can configure your computer manually with DNS addresses, as explained in your
operating system documentation.
Your computer might not use the router to which the access point is connected as its TCP/IP bridge.
If your computer obtains its information by DHCP, reboot the computer and verify the address of the
router to which the access point is connected.
For information about TCP/IP problems, see Troubleshoot Your Network Using the Ping Utility on page
You Cannot Log In to the Access Point
If you are unable to log in to the access point from a computer on your local network and use the access
point web management interface, check the following:
If you are using an Ethernet-connected computer, check the Ethernet connection between the computer
and the access point.
Make sure that the IP address of your computer is in the same subnet as the access point.
If the access point is not connected to your network and you are trying to log in to the access point over
its default IP address of, temporarily change the IP address on your computer to with subnet mask so that the IP addresses of your computer and the
access point are in the same IP subnet.
If your access point’s IP address was changed and you do not know the current IP address, access the
router or DHCP server that assigned the IP address to the access point to find the IP address or use
an IP scanner application to detect the IP address. If you still cannot find the IP address, clear the access
point’s configuration to factory defaults. This sets the access point’s IP address to and
activates the www.aplogin.net URL for initial configuration. For more information, see Return the Access
Point to Its Factory Default Settings on page 38 and Factory Default Settings on page 70.
Make sure that Java, JavaScript, or ActiveX is enabled in your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer,
click the Refresh button to be sure that the Java applet is loaded.
Try quitting the browser and launching it again.
Make sure that you are using the correct login information. The user name is admin, and the default
password is password. Make sure that Caps Lock is off when you enter this information.
Changes Are Not Saved
If you are logged in to the access point web management interface and the access point does not save the
changes that you make on a page, do the following:
When entering configuration settings, always click the Apply button before moving to another page or
tab or your changes are lost.
Click the Refresh or Reload button in the web browser. It is possible that the changes occurred but
that the old settings remain in the web browser’s cache.
802.11ac Wireless Access Point Model WAC104
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