POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual
Attaching the mounting clip
You can attach the recorder to a microphone stand or music stand using the included mounting clip.
1. Open the USB plug compartment cover
by inserting the tip of your fingernail in
the groove between the cover and the
side of the recorder, and pulling the
cover out.
2. Leave the USB plug inside the compart-
ment as it is, and insert the pivotal pro-
jection on the mounting clip into the
USB plug compartment.
· Be sure to insert the projec-
tion all the way firmly, with
the USB plug retracted into
the compartment. Other-
wise, the recorder may detach
from the mounting clip.
The pivotal projec-
tion rotates 360
degrees so that you
can position the
recorder at any
· Do not apply force to the recorder or mounting
clip. Do not rotate the recorder or mounting clip
unnecessarily or excessively. Otherwise, damage
to the mounting clip and/or injury to you or
other people may occur.
3. While holding the USB plug slide
switch at the top position, remove the
recorder from the mounting clip.
· When you remove the recorder from the mount-
ing clip, the USB plug may pop out of the com-
partment. In this case, move the USB plug slide
switch toward the top (toward the built-in
microphone) to retract the USB plug.
· The mounting clip is dedicated to the POCKET-
RAK C24. Do not use it for other USB devices.
· If you attach the
mounting clip to a
music stand, mount
the clip onto the stand
all the way firmly.
· Be sure to avoid touching the joint part where
the lubricant is applied.
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