POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual 13
About the file naming rules
The recorder automatically names the
recorded files, in accordance with the file
naming rules shown below.
The recorder does not display the file number
1 or the folder type 2. You can view them
only via a connected computer.
1File number (001–199)
2Folder type (A–D: MIC folders A-D,
L: LINE folder)
3Recording date (year, month, day)
4Recorded time (hour, minute)
5File format (MP3: MP3 recording, WAV:
PCM recording)
In addition to the internal memory, you can
also use a microSD card for recording and
As long as neither the maximum recording
time nor maximum number of files is
exceeded, you can use any folders and store
any number of files in each folder.
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