POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual 15
Inserting a microSD card
Besides the internal 2GB memory, you can
use a commercially-available microSD card
for recording and playback. You must format
commercially-available microSD cards before
you can use them for the first time (see
page 26, PDF reference manual).
1. Turn off the power to the recorder,
then open the microSD card slot cover.
2. Insert the card straight, in the direction
shown in the illustration, until it clicks.
3. Close the card slot cover.
4. Turn the power on.
” appears on the LCD.
· If the recorder does not recognize the card,
remove the card, then insert the card again.
· The recorder may not recognize certain microSD
cards formatted by other devices, such as a
Be sure to format the card using the recorder
(See page 26, PDF reference manual).
To remove the card, open the slot cover and
push in the card gently. The card will be
ejected slightly. Pull out the card carefully.
About microSD cards
If you plan to use a microSD card, choose a
1GB – 2GB microSD card, or a 4GB – 16GB
microSDHC card (these cards are compatible
as of October 2009). However, some cards
(depending on the manufacturer or type of
card) may not work with the recorder.
For more information about microSD cards,
please visit the following Yamaha website:
Before using the microSD card
Make sure that you insert the microSD card in the
recorder correctly. Otherwise, the recorder will not
record to or play from the microSD card.
Do not apply too much force when you insert or
remove the microSD card. Otherwise, you might
injure your hand or finger or damage the card.
If you insert the microSD card in the wrong orienta-
tion or upside down, the microSD card and/or the
card slot may be damaged.
If the recorder does not recognize the installed
microSD card when the power to the unit is turned
on, first turn off the power, remove the card, insert
the card correctly, then turn the power on.
Do not install or remove the microSD card while the
power to the unit is on. Otherwise, the data on the
microSD card may be damaged.
Do not touch the terminal on the microSD card or
expose the card to water or dirt.
Do not try to bend, fold or place a heavy object on
the microSD card.
Do not use or keep the microSD card in a location
subject to static electricity or electric noise.
Do not place the microSD card in the vicinity of cor-
rosive chemicals or corrosive gas.
Otherwise, the card may malfunction or data on the
card may be lost.
Never place the microSD card within reach of small
children. A child may swallow the card accidentally.
If you discard the microSD card without precau-
tions, important or personal data that remains on
the card may become accessible to unauthorized
individuals. To avoid this risk, erase all data on the
card, destroy the card physically, then discard it.
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