POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual 17
Estimated available recording time (with internal 2GB memory)
* If you record multiple files, the total available recording time will be shorter than those estimated above.
* When you purchase the recorder, the manuals are stored in PDF format in the internal memory. Therefore, the actual
available recording time is less than estimated above.
* The largest available recording space (for continuous recording) in one file is 2GB.
About the ALC (Auto Level Control) function
The Auto Level Control function automatically adjusts the recording level in response to the
source level so that the resulting recording will be tighter dynamically.
Microphone sensitivity
You can set the microphone sensitivity level to high or low to accommodate the recording environment.
If the recorded audio level is too low or too high, change the microphone sensitivity setting.
Setting the microphone sensitivity
Press the [MENU/FOLDER] button while the main screen is displayed, select [REC MENU] [MIC SENS], then
select [HIGH] or [LOW]. If the volume level is too low, select [HIGH]. If the volume level is too high, set [MIC
SENS] to [LOW].
Recording peak limiter
When the recording peak limiter is set to ON, the recorder reduces sound distortion by automatically adjust-
ing excessive peaks. It is recommended that you set the limiter to ON when you record audio.
Setting the recording peak limiter
Press the [MENU/FOLDER] button while the main screen is displayed, select [REC MENU] [REC LIMITER],
then select [ON]. The peak limiter is available only when the ALC function is set to OFF.
Available recording
time (estimated)
Available recording
time (estimated)
96kHz About 55 minutes
320kbps About 13 hours 30 minutes
88.2kHz About 1 hour 192kbps About 22 hours 30 minutes
48kHz About 1 hour 50 minutes 128kbps About 34 hours
44.1kHz About 2 hours 64kbps About 68 hours
96kHz About 1 hour 25 minutes 32kbps About 136 hours
88.2kHz About 1 hour 30 minutes
48kHz About 2 hours 50 minutes
44.1kHz About 3 hours
The recording will accurately rep-
resent the original sound, and
maintain sound dynamics as is.
The recording dynamics will be adjusted. Louder sounds
will be quieter and softer sounds will be louder. This setting
will reduce distortion and is better for recording dictation.
Application Musical performance and nature
Musical practice, conference meetings and interview
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