POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual
Quick Guide
1. Inserting a battery
Remaining battery power
When the battery power falls to a low level, the recorder will
display the message “LOW BATTERY!.” At this time, replace
the battery with a new one.
Battery life (of an alkaline battery used for recording
to the internal memory)
* The above estimate is based on the following assumptions: LED
off, backlight off, no recording monitoring, the ALC function on.
* Battery life varies depending on the type and manufacturer of
the battery, storage conditions, usage, ambient temperature, etc.
PCM 96kHz, 24bit About 7 hours
PCM 44.1kHz, 16bit About 16 hours
MP3 64kbps About 26 hours
1. Open the battery
2. Insert the supplied alkaline
· Insert the battery with the + and –
ends in the correct orientation.
· You can use a AAA-size nickel-
metal hydride battery. However,
you cannot charge the nickel-metal
hydride battery using the unit.
3. Close the battery
AAA-size alkaline battery x1
Remaining battery power
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