POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual 23
Quick Guide
Selecting a folder or file
1. Press and hold down the [MENU/FOLDER] button for at least two (2) seconds.
2. Press the [PLAY], [STOP], or [ ]/[ ] buttons to select a folder from which to
delete a file, then press the [REC] button.
· For more information about the folders, refer to “About files, folders and memory” on page 12.
3. Press the [ ]/[ ] buttons to select a
file to delete.
Managing the Recycle Bin
If you delete a file on the recorder while the Recycle Bin function is active, the file will be moved
to the Recycle Bin ( ) folder temporarily so that you can restore it later if necessary. In this
way, you do not have to worry about deleting a file accidentally.
When you purchase the recorder, the Recycle Bin function is already activated.
The Recycle Bin folder can accommodate up to 199 files. If the Recycle Bin folder is full, you
cannot delete any more files. In this event, move some files from the Recycle Bin folder to the
original folder (see PDF reference manual) or empty the Recycle Bin folder.
When the Recycle Bin is full, you must empty it to increase the remaining recording
time. Otherwise, if the available memory capacity is insufficient, you may be unable to
record. Empty the Recycle Bin regularly (see PDF reference manual).
You cannot move files from the M folder to the Recycle Bin folder, regardless of
whether the Recycle Bin function is on or off. These files will be deleted completely by
the delete operation.
File number
Total file number
File name
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