POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual
Screens and Menu Settings
About the screens
[Main screen]
Appears when the power to the unit is turned
Press the [STOP] button repeatedly to select
one of the indicators for the file in the follow-
ing order (if the playback file exists).
When one of folders A-D is selected:
Main screen [REC DATE & TIME]
(Recording date & time) [REC REMAIN
TIME] (Remaining recording time)
[DATE & TIME] (Current time)
[TOTAL TIME] (Total playback time)
Main screen
When folder M is selected:
Main screen [DATE & TIME] (Current
time) [TOTAL TIME] (Total playback
time) Main screen
[Menu screen]
Appears when you press the [MENU/
FOLDER] button while the main screen is dis-
This screen enables you to change Recording
mode, set the date and time, initialize the
recorder, and make various other settings.
For details, see pages 25–28.
· Press the [MENU/FOLDER] button to return to
the main screen.
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