POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual 25
Screens and Menu Settings
About the menu settings
List of menus and menu items
Menu items are categorized into six menus: [TUNER] (Tuner settings), [METRONOME] (Metro-
nome settings), [REC MENU] (Recording settings), [PLAY MENU] (Playback settings), [COM-
MON MENU] (Global settings), and [EDIT MENU] (Edit settings).
[TUNER] (Tuner settings)
[METRONOME] (Metronome settings)
[REC MENU] (Recording settings)
Menu items Description
[START] Starts the tuner’s pitch analysis.
[CALIBRATE] Sets the standard pitch (frequency).
Menu items Description
[START] Starts the metronome.
[TEMPO] Sets the metronome tempo.
[BEAT] Sets the metronome beat pattern.
[RECORD] Sets the metronome sound used for recording.
Menu items Description
[REC MODE] Sets the recording quality.
[MIC SENS] Sets the microphone sensitivity high or low.
[HPF] Turns the High Pass (Low Cut) Filter on or off.
[REC LIMITER] Turns the recording peak limiter on or off.
[REC PEAK HOLD] Sets the recording peak hold time.
[EXTERNAL MIC] Selects a source connected to the external input jack.
[AUTO DIVIDE] Divides a file automatically after a certain period of silence during record-
[SELF TIMER] Sets the time for the Self Timer recording.
[VAS] Turns the VAS (Voice activated system) on or off.
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