POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual
Screens and Menu Settings
[PLAY MENU] (Playback settings)
[COMMON MENU] (Global settings)
[EDIT MENU] (Edit settings)
Menu items Description
[TIME SEARCH] Specifies the time position of the playback start point.
[REPEAT] Sets the Repeat mode.
[PHRASE PLAY] Sets the Phrase playback time (the number of seconds by which the play-
back point will be moved back).
[SKIP PLAY] Sets the Skip playback time (the amount of time by which the playback
point will skip).
[SOUND EQ] Adjusts the tone.
Menu items Description
[BEEP SOUND] Sets the beep sound.
[REC LED] Sets the recording indicator.
[DATE & TIME] Sets the calendar (date and time).
[TIMER & ALARM] Sets the recording timer and playback timer (alarm).
[AUTO OFF] Sets the Auto Power Off function.
[BACKLIGHT] Sets the LCD backlight.
[CONTRAST] Adjusts the LCD contrast.
[RECYCLE BIN] Turns the Recycle Bin function on or off.
[FORMAT] Formats the internal memory or a microSD card (erases all data).
[MENU RESET] Initializes the menu settings.
[VERSION] Indicates the firmware version information.
Menu items Description
[DIVIDE] Divides a file into two at the specified point.
[FADE IN] Applies a fade-in effect to the recorded file.
[FADE OUT] Applies a fade-out effect to the recorded file.
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