POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual
Screens and Menu Settings
Setting the calendar
1. While the main screen is
displayed, press the
[MENU/FOLDER] button.
2. Press the [PLAY] or [STOP] button to
select [COMMON MENU], then press
the [REC] button.
3. Press the [PLAY] or [STOP] button to
select [DATE & TIME], then press the
[REC] button.
4. Press the [PLAY] or [STOP] button to
set the year, then press the [ ] but-
5. In the same way, set the month, day,
24/12-hour indication (24H or AM/
PM), hour and minute, then press the
[REC] button.
The calendar setting is complete.
6. Press the [MENU/FOLDER] button
The unit displays the main screen.
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