POCKETRAK C24 Owner’s Manual 9
Light-weight, compact, and multi-function recorder
A compact body with a weight of 57g (2 ounces) encasing a built-in speaker, stereo micro-
phone, and internal memory (2GB)
Recording peak limiter
Automatically adjusts excessive mic input levels for distortion-free recording
Tuner and metronome functions
Very useful in musical applications, such as musical instrument practices
ALC (Auto Level Control) function
Automatically adjusts the recording level for easy recording
VAS (Voice Activated System) function
Automatically triggers recording on the unit by detecting audio at a certain input level
(This function is useful when you want to record musical instrument practices.)
Mounting clip included
Attaches the recorder to a microphone stand or music stand
“Cubase AI” DAW software included
Enables you to edit and mix the recorded audio files
Accessories and attaching the mounting clip
AAA-size alkaline battery x 1
Mounting clip
The disc includes “Cubase AI” DAW (digital audio workstation) software.
Please read “About the accessory disk” on page 32 before using the DVD-ROM package.
Owner’s Manual
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