Share USB Storage Devices
Attached to the Router
This chapter describes how to access and manage storage devices attached to your
router. ReadySHARE lets you access and share USB storage devices connected to the
router. (If your storage device uses special drivers, it is not compatible.)
Note: The USB ports on the router can be used only to connect USB storage devices
like flash drives or hard drives. Do not connect computers, USB modems, CD drives, or
DVD drives to the router USB port.
The chapter contains the following sections:
USB Device Requirements
Connect a USB Storage Device to the Router
Access a Storage Device Connected to the Router From a Windows-Based Computer
Map a USB Device to a Windows Network Drive
Access a Storage Device That Is Connected to the Router From a Mac
Back Up Windows-Based Computers With ReadySHARE Vault
Back Up Mac Computers With Time Machine
Enable FTP Access Within Your Network
View or Change Network Folders on a Storage Device
Add a Network Folder on a USB Storage Device
Edit a Network Folder on a USB Storage Device
Safely Remove a USB Storage Device
For more information about ReadySHARE features, visit netgear.com/readyshare.
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