Setting input sources to be skipped when operating
the INPUT key
Set which input sources are skipped when operating the INPUT key.
You can select the desired input source quickly by using this function.
Setup menu
“Function” > “Input Skip”
Input sources
HDMI 1-4, AV 1-3, AUX, AUDIO 1-3, TUNER, NET, Bluetooth, USB
Off Does not skip the selected input source.
On Skips the selected input source.
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Adjusting the brightness of the front display
Adjusts the brightness of the front display.
Setup menu
“Function” > “Dimmer”
Setting range
-4 to 0 (higher to brighten)
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Preventing accidental changes to the settings
Prevents accidental changes to the settings.
Setup menu
“Function” > “Memory Guard”
Off Does not protect the settings.
On Protects the settings until “Off” is selected.
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