Setting the use of a Digital Media Controller
Selects whether to allow a Digital Media Controller (DMC) to control playback. A Digital
Media Controller (DMC) is a device that can control other network devices through the
network. When this function is enabled, you can control playback of the unit from
DMCs (such as Windows Media Player 12) on the same network.
Setup menu
“Network” > “DMC Control”
Disable Does not allow DMCs to control playback.
Enable Allows DMCs to control playback.
Setting the use of the Network Standby function
Selects whether the unit can be turned on from other network devices (network
Setup menu
“Network” > “Network Standby”
Off Disables the network standby function.
On Enables the network standby function.
(The unit consumes more power than when “Off” is selected.)
Enables the network standby function.
(If “Network Connection” is set to “Wired”, the unit is set to the power
saving mode when the network cable is disconnected.)
With an advanced energy saving design, this product achieves a low power
consumption of not more than two watts when in Network Standby mode.
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