Setting the network name of the unit
Edits the network name (the unit’s name on the network) displayed on other network
Setup menu
“Network” > “Network Name”
1Press ENTER to enter the name edit screen.
2Use the cursor keys and ENTER key to edit the name.
3Select “OK” to confirm the new name and press ENTER.
4Press SETUP.
This completes the settings.
Setting the power interlock from the unit to
MusicCast compatible devices
Selects whether turning on the power of the master device of the MusicCast network
(this unit) also turns on the power of other devices of the network.
Setup menu
“Network” > “MusicCast Link Power Interlock”
Off Disables the power interlock from the unit (MusicCast master).
On Enables the power interlock from the unit (MusicCast master).
Updating the firmware via the network
Updates the firmware via the network. You can select “Perform Update” after the unit is
ready for firmware update. You can also check the firmware version and system ID.
Setup menu
“Network” > “Network Update”
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