nDAB radio reception is weak or noisy
lThere is multi-path interference.
Check reception strength in “Tune AID” in the “Option” menu, and adjust the
antenna height or orientation, or place it in a different location. For details, see the
– “Checking reception strength of each DAB channel label” (p.60)
lYour area is too far from the DAB station transmitter.
Use an outdoor antenna. We recommend using a sensitive multi-element antenna.
nDAB information is not available or is inaccurate
lThe selected DAB radio station may be temporarily out of service or may not
provide information.
Contact the DAB broadcaster.
nNo DAB radio sound
lThe selected DAB radio station may be temporarily out of service.
Try the station later or select another station.
USB trouble
nThe unit does not detect the USB device
lThe USB device is not connected to the USB jack securely.
Turn off the unit, reconnect your USB device, and turn the unit on again.
lThe file system of the USB device is not FAT16 or FAT32.
Use a USB device with FAT16 or FAT32 format.
nFolders and files in the USB device cannot be viewed
lThe data in the USB device is protected by the encryption.
Use a USB device without an encryption function.
nThe unit does not perform continuous playback on files
of USB device
lWhen the unit detects a series of unsupported files during playback, playback
stops automatically.
Do not save unsupported files (such as images and hidden files) in folders for
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