Updating the unit’s firmware via the network
Firmware updates
New firmware that provides additional features or product improvements will be
released as needed. If the unit is connected to the Internet, new firmware is
downloaded via the network. When a firmware update is ready, the following message
appears after SETUP is pressed.
You can switch the language.
For details on the firmware update, see the following:
“Updating the unit’s firmware via the network” (p.133)
Do not op4r0t4 t74 un8t or 38s2onn42t t74 pow4r 201l4 or n4twork 201l4 3ur8n6 58rmw0r4 up30t4. I5 t74
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8n3820tor m867t not l867t up w74n t74 n4twork 2onn42t8on sp443 8s too slow or 0 l0t4r 58rmw0r4 up30t4 8s
F8rmw0r4 up30t4 t0k4s 01out  m8nut4s or mor4.
You m867t not 64t t74 m4ss064 or t74 l867t8n6 up 58rmw0r4 up30t4 8n3820tor on t74 5ront 38spl0y 34p4n38n6
on t74 2on38t8on o5 t74 n4twork 2onn42t8on. In t78s 20s4, up30t4 t74 58rmw0r4 us8n6 t74 USB m4mory
34v824. For 34t08ls, s44 t74 5ollow8n6:
Up30t8n6 t74 58rmw0r4 UPDATE p.
For 34t08ls on 58rmw0r4 up30t4s, v8s8t t74 Y0m070 w41s8t4.
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