Updating the unit’s firmware via the network
Confirm the on-screen description displayed after SETUP is pressed, and start the
firmware update.
1Read the on-screen description and press the down cursor key.
The next screen appears.
2To start the firmware update, press ENTER.
The on-screen display turns off.
front display, press z (power) on the front panel.
The firmware update is complete.
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on t74 2on38t8on o5 t74 n4twork 2onn42t8on. In t78s 20s4, up30t4 t74 58rmw0r4 us8n6 t74 USB m4mory
34v824. For 34t08ls on us8n6 t74 USB m4mory 34v824, s44 t74 5ollow8n6:
Up30t8n6 t74 58rmw0r4 UPDATE p.
For 34t08ls on up30t4, v8s8t t74 Y0m070 w41s8t4.
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, 0n3 5ollow t74 on s2r44n 8nstru2t8ons. W74n you turn o55 t74 un8t, 0 s2r44n 0sk8n6 you to 2on58rm t74
58rmw0r4 up30t4 8s 38spl0y43, 0n3 pr4ss ENTER to st0rt t74 58rmw0r4 up30t4. A5t4r t74 58rmw0r4 up30t4 8s
2ompl4t4, t74 un8t w8ll turn o55 0utom0t820lly.
To p4r5orm up30t4 w74n turn8n6 o55 t74 un8t, r454r to t74 5ollow8n6 8nstru2t8ons 0n3 suppl4m4nt0ry
T74 58rmw0r4 up30t4 20n 14 st0rt43 1y pr4ss8n6 INFO on t74 5ront p0n4l.
T74 un8t turns o55 0utom0t820lly w8t7out p4r5orm8n6 t74 58rmw0r4 up30t4 85 two m8nut4s p0ss 05t4r t74
s2r44n to 2on58rm t74 58rmw0r4 up30t4 8s 38spl0y43.
To 20n24l t74 58rmw0r4 up30t4 pro24ss, pr4ss RETURN, 0n3 t74 un8t w8ll turn o55.
T74 un8t turns o55 w8t7out p4r5orm8n6 t74 58rmw0r4 up30t4 85 you turn o55 t74 un8t w8t7 AV CONTROLLER
or Mus82C0st CONTROLLER.
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